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No one can tell a woman what is best for her and her baby ... waterbirth, homebirth, hospital birth, doctor, midwife, Unassisted Childbirth (UC) or cesarean surgery ... it is for her and her baby to know. The best we can do is support her to access, trust, and know her own inner wisdom and communicate with the Being within her - the One whose birth it is through her womb and the man. - Janel Mirendah, Attachment/Birth trauma therapist, Filmmaker of The Other Side of the Glass.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Wake up and see the truth about child abuse

Today, I got an email message from  Child Abuse Prevention project sponored by Pepsi Corporation. Sorry, you have to leave this page to view it. Stay here and read this first and then go view it. It is one example of the propagation of propaganda and lies that keeps us entrenched in very wrong thinking and action. THINK about what we are allowing to be promoted day in and day out with our complicity and our purchases and our silence.

It is a contest entry in their project that

Security blankets filled with parenting info for new parents in MT!

I know the young mom is well-intended. I never doubt that. But honestly, and being kind as possible, she is a Sheeple.  We all are until we are not. Until we wake up and see the lies.

I just get very, uhm, upset and angry about the MISinformation, and I am, uhm, pretty much outraged at the lack of truth and the lack of real intervention into stopping the real abuse:  the obstetric abuse of human babies in their first few minutes. Preserving mama-baby relationship is only way to prevent child abuse and the majority of whatever else ails us in this country.

A few years ago I had this card done. It's easy to hand out and leave places. It's big, 4x 6 and colorful. Let me know if you'd like some to hand out. You can buy them from Vista Prints.

So, today, the constant bombardment of misinformation from the media pipeline just got to me. It does every day.  Anything about Child Abuse Prevention, my life long interest since kindergarten when I took a girl home with me from school to live at my house when she said she was being abused, to my twenty-eight years as professional person as a counselor in many settings to finally working for two state systems, always "fighting the systems" to make them more what woman and child truly need.

When I was introduced to birth trauma via infant massage training and the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health the real child abuse prevention became crystal clear and so simple.  So, I thought. Twelve years, a website and two blogs, and a film later, I am just absolutely dismayed that our culture continues to promote all sort of programs and projects purported to end the disorders, dysfunctions, and diseases that ORIGINATE in the meddling of birth, in the separation of the mama-baby, and in the abuse of the newborn baby.  The research is clear and always has been from Harry Harlow, PhD in 50-70's, Jame Prescott, PhD (70's to now), and now
Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D - medical birth is traumatizing to the mama-baby, both together and as individuals. I'm been focusing on fathers are harmed. Our survival as a species, as humane humans, depends upon us "getting this" - that birth is a powerful, defining moment for the baby, the mother, the father. We LIVE the consequences of disruption and violence and violation of the baby and mother and father every day and it is the myriad of social, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical dysfunctions, disorders, and diseases we try to fix with money, and frankly, more wrong intervention and drugs, that is killing humanity.

Today, this ad in my gmail box flipped my switch.  I posted on Facebook and share it here, in it's unedited rawness, my response to "Security blankets filled with parenting information".  It is the "INFORMATION" part that really trips my trigger, but yeah, in a "security blanket".... 

It's already "one of those days" (existential angst about what is done to humans in the first moments and hours of life under the guise of science and help) and this ... when is society going to see the mis-treatment of the newborn as child abuse. You wanna "prevent child abuse"?!? HUH!?!? STOP SEPARATING MAMA-BABY and stop ABUSING NEWBORNS with big, fat lies. It is CHILD ABUSE to separate the mama-baby, to separate the baby-placenta, and it's CHILD ABUSE to scrub, rub, poke, prod, shoot, suction, bulb, put hat on, and yes, even wrap the baby in the security blanket. Step away, I just need to step away. NO, you need to step away. Step away from the baby. Right now, STEP. AWAY. FROM. THE. BABY-MAMA. She can friggin' figure it out on her own. THAT is what prevents child abuse. NO, I am not done yet.

I continue in the comments:

Lordess of Mercy, folks, a WOMAN is a divine creation of nature. She can conceive, build, sustain - CREATE another human being in her body, and then grow and sustain it with her body/milk ... with NO OUTSIDE, MEDICAL intervention. She can g...ive birth to that same being and she can KNOW what to do .. if you stop indoctrinating women with failure, SHE KNOWS WHAT TO DO AT BIRTH ... even if she fumbles at bit, that is HER LEARNING how, it HER CONNECTING her baby so that she KNOWs, so that she is BONDED to that baby, and that, my friends, IS THE GREATEST CHILD PREVENTION ON THE PLANET. And, it means leave your F'in' hands off her and his baby (daddy).


And, you know what else? Parenting info? Parenting tips tucked in the security blanket? Tools of indoctrination ... promoting vaccines, coupons for formula, warnings about co-sleeping, lies about SIDS, and nothing about carrying baby for months that science shows is what the HUMAN BRAIN needs, but instead the lies preparing for the ongoing medical domination over them, so they'll shoot them full of chemicals and send them off to public school?  


How about MOTHERING and FATHERING information. TWO different forms of caring for children. STOP diluting MOTHERING and FATHERING, the needs of human beings, into the neutral, manipulated label of PARENTING that diminishes the full spectrum of parenting .... and yeah, two women and two men can do it ... mothering and fathering.


And, here's a tip ... if a big billion dollar corporation is funding it, the campaign, or whatever, like Pepsi here, which is basically poison, RUN. Run fast in the opposite direction. Don't be lured into their webs of deceit. Don't support it. Big corporations promoting the lies, and creating exactly what they purport to be "fighting" or ending. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Still not done .... I will not be done til my last breath, and I will not be done until this culture sees the impact of what has been done to nearly every human being for generations .... NEWBORN ABUSE ... when the sentience of the human newborn is ignored and educated, professional, licensed medical people are allowed to separate mama-baby and abuse newborns, right in front of the disempowered daddy.

Time to wake up, folks. Time to see the pain and suffering we experience our whole lives if from the earliest experiences of being violated and separated .... from the mother, from the father, from love and connection. We have to do our inner work to heal and to engage in action to end this child abuse. I bet my life on it, that the abuses, the dysfunctions, the disorders, and diseases for which we have billions of dollars for "treatment" will not exist if we PROTECT THE MAMA-BABY in the most powerful, defining moment of their relationship together.

The back of my card:

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