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No one can tell a woman what is best for her and her baby ... waterbirth, homebirth, hospital birth, doctor, midwife, Unassisted Childbirth (UC) or cesarean surgery ... it is for her and her baby to know. The best we can do is support her to access, trust, and know her own inner wisdom and communicate with the Being within her - the One whose birth it is through her womb and the man. - Janel Mirendah, Attachment/Birth trauma therapist, Filmmaker of The Other Side of the Glass.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Prenatal Human Rights

"Prenatal" Hope for Implementing Human Rights


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 4 - 5 September 2008


“Natural Prenatal Education as a foundation for Human Rights” is being proposed as a new and highly effective means for attaining the goals of peace, security, freedom, health and well being for every individual as required by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At the 60th birthday celebration in Paris this week civil society, nongovernmental organisation’s and governments are being urged to take into consideration the latest scientific discoveries which bring powerful solutions to the immense challenges facing humanity.

The Organisation Mondiale des Associations pour l’Education PrĂ©natale, OMAEP which groups 17 national associations and enjoys consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, is bringing its new ideas to the round table work groups at the annual NGO congress at the
UNESCO Headquarters 2 - 5 September.

OMAEP insists that, “over the last thirty years we have witnessed immense changes in our societies including in our understanding of the human being.

Modern science confirms that the fundamental bases for human rights begin even before birth. “From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the
brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament and the power of higher thought.” says pioneering expert Dr. Thomas Verny a Canadian psychiatrist in his revolutionary book, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child published more than a quarter of a century ago.

The NGO is calling for all sectors of society to inform and support those wishing to have children to meet the real physical, emotional and developmental needs of their offspring during the crucial period of development spent in the womb. This, they say, will assure that each human being will be given the best possible chances to live the human rights they
are entitled to as laid down in the Universal Declaration.

Any organisation or person who wishes further information please contact OMAEP (for a FREE DVD) or more information: Pilar Vizcaino email: or the English speaking representative: Julie Gerland

OMAEP encourages journalists to contact the representatives in Paris this week for interviews: Vice-President of OMAEP Pilar Vizcaino on +34 67 64 29 844 (French/Spanish) Dr. Aurore Pernin on +33 (0) 683 43 99 42 (French)
or the English speaking representative Julie Gerland +33 (0) 607 91 66 42

Circumcision Information

Circumcision Information

"Despite the obviously irrational cruelty of circumcision, the profit incentive in American medical practice is unlikely to allow science or human rights principles to interrupt the highly lucrative American circumcision industry. It is now time for European medical associations loudly to condemn the North American medical community for participating in and profiting from what is by any standard a senseless and barbaric sexual mutilation of innocent children."

Fleiss PM. MD, MPH.
Circumcision. Lancet 1995;345:927 [1]

"Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity."
--George Bernard Shaw

"What is done to children, they will do to society."
--Karl Menninger, MD

Male Circumcision in the USA: A Human Primer
by Rich Winkel
12 May 2005

Answers from the Bible to Questions about Circumcision

Extensive page of circumcision Links at Compleat Mother Magazine

"Armed with this new information, the anti-circers go so far as to argue that male circumcision is equally as horrendous as female circumcision, even when it involves a clitorectomy. To them, removing the foreskin is as bad as removing the clitoris. While neither of these genital areas is essential to sex (a woman without a clitoris can reach orgasm, just as a circumcised man can), both certainly enhance and facilitate it. Female circumcision has been banned by federal law since 1996, but the male variety is still legal. 'No part of a female’s genitalia may be cut off for or cultural reasons, but you can freely lop off 50 percent of a boy’s shaft skin,' Tim Hammond of NOHARMM says angrily."
from The Foreskin Saga at

NO Circ (National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers)
What you need to know...
  • No national or international medical association recommends routine circumcision.
  • Only the USA circumcises the majority of newborn boys without medical or religious reason.
  • Medicalized circumcision began during the 1800s to prevent masturbation, which was believed to cause disease.
  • Today's parents are learning that the foreskin is a normal, protective, functioning organ.
  • Today's parents realize circumcision harms and has unneccesary risks.
  • Circumcision denies a male's right to genital integrity and choice for his own body.

    There are many sites on web that discuss the process of "foreskin restoration" but very little information about how to heal the psyche of the primal wound.

    The Castellino Prenatal and Birth therapy modality addresses the circumcision wound and trainees in his program may provide healing for the emotional, psychological, and relationship issues.

    I am looking for other resources. If you know of techniques and modalities, please email me.

    Saturday, January 3, 2009

    Scotland Urges Homebirth

    Scotland Pregnant Women Are Encouraged to Give Birth At Home

    Buy It!

    Part One: The Other Side of the Glass: a Birth Film for and About Men officially released in digital download format on June 2, 2013. Go to to purchase a digital download.

    Men have been marginalized in birth for a long time. The old joke is that a man was sent off to boil water to keep him busy. I believe they were making the environment safe. Birth moved to hospitals and for forty years women were separated from their partners who was left to wait in smoke filled waiting room. Finally, he would see his baby from "the other side of the glass." Now a man can go in the birthing room and even get to hold his partner's hand during surgery. But they are still marginalized and powerless, according to the fathers I interviewed around the country.

    Historically, birth has been defined by the medical establishment. The midwifery and natural birth movement now advocate for need "to educate and prepare men to protect their wife and baby" in medical environment. Seems logical ... if we process with the same illogic that got us here.

    Through the voices of men - and doctors and midwives - men share heart-touching stories about how this is not workin' out. A man is also very likely to be disempowered and prevented from connecting with their newborn baby in the first minutes of life.

    Now is the time for men to take back birth.

    The film is about restoring our families, society, and world through birthing wanted, loved, protected, and nurtured males (and females, of course). It's about empowering males to support the females to birth humanity safely, lovingly, and consciously.

    Donors, check your emails or email me at for info to download. Release on DVD is not planned at this date.

    FREE online! watch Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 10 at

    "Doctor's Voices" - Stuart Fischbein, MD - Part 1

    Doctor's Voices - Michael Odent, MD

    Human Rights Violations

    Resources - Healing Birth Trauma

    "The Other Side of the Glass" has the potential to open up feelings that have been denied and ignored for a very long time. How to heal the trauma of birth at any age will be addressed in the film. Meanwhile, these are pioneers in the field.

    Raymond Castellino and Mary Jackson -

    David Chamberlain, Ph.D. -

    Judith Cohen -

    Myrna Martin -

    Karen Melton -

    Wendy McCord, Ph.D. -

    Wendy McCarty, Ph.D. -

    And, many, many more all over the world at
    In both relationships and life trust begets trust.
    Generosity begets generosity.
    Love begets love.
    Be the spark, especially when it's dark.

    --Note from the Universe,

    "Everybody today seems to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater developments and greater riches and so on, so children have very little time with their parents. Parents have very little time for each other, and in the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world." - Mother Theresa