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No one can tell a woman what is best for her and her baby ... waterbirth, homebirth, hospital birth, doctor, midwife, Unassisted Childbirth (UC) or cesarean surgery ... it is for her and her baby to know. The best we can do is support her to access, trust, and know her own inner wisdom and communicate with the Being within her - the One whose birth it is through her womb and the man. - Janel Mirendah, Attachment/Birth trauma therapist, Filmmaker of The Other Side of the Glass.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Abortion and Birth: A Means to an End. Control.

Abortion and Birth: A Means to an End. Control.

Women may not ever have true equality until they give the same to the fetus. Abortion and where to give birth should not be under control of MEDICINE and should not have ever been illegal. Prior to modern history women always had the control over keeping or not keeping a pregnancy. Many pregnancies then and now were a result of non-consensual sex, violence, and control by men. Legalizing and not legalizing abortion was and is not the answer. We now have a society where it is more covert, so embedded into our DNA and when women have made gains, but still are powerless ovver their bodies. Thank you to the modern medical system.

Today the care of women's body in the medical system has to do with making money ... and truly has nothing to do with womens'rights and her body, let alone, mens' or babies' rights. I am pro-life and pro-choice, equally fiercely BECAUSE the human being coming in has rights and the woman has rights, and I believe it is between HER, the soul trying to incarnate, and yes, even the man whose sperm made the baby. It's not between the State and a woman. It's between her, the Soul coming in, and her God. You can't kill a soul. Abortion and birth disregard that humans are a soul.

Elena Tonetti was on my show this week and discussed conscious birth and her film, "Birth As We Know It". She explains conception in a very amazing way .. how there is an energetic force present IN ORDER for there to be union of a sperm and egg to create conception, a third human baby with a soul. In other words, pregnancy depends upon more than a sperm and an egg meeting up. That happens billions of times a day. There is a being there, in the fetus, whether we like it or not, whether is serves our needs and wants or not. Here's the podcast. She comes on about 15 minutes after.

I don't think women will ever have true equality and rights until they stop going along with the status quo established by men thousands of years ago .... and the right to her body over the life of another human being is the just the double talk of hundreds and 1000's of years of subjugation by the dominance of men.... now ingrained in collective psyche.

Medicine and law took women's rights long, long ago, women rights to their body and their children, and their decisions, and we are still dealing with it. They made what women do illegal, immoral, and sinful. I'd like to know when it became ILlegal to get an abortion. What's the law? When was it? When did ABORTION become like BIRTH ... a legal, medical matter, in the hands of men and doctors, controlled by laws. In the 1400's two German monks wrote a treatise that was about how evil women are, especially the midwives. It told how to identify witches, interrogate them and punish them. Every Catholic magistrate and court had to read this, and led to the witch hunts that murdered millions of women for being midwives, healers, and mystics, or just for being female. It helped usher in men as doctors and men have been in control since then. Midwives were the biggest target -- and still are. THey are trying to make it ILLEGAL again in MO for a midwife to attend homebirth. It's outrageous. It shouldn't have EVER even been legal. Birth, midwives, abortion are NOT legal or medical matters. It was all to control women. and "they" still are. I'd prefer neither legal or illegal abortion or birth -- but the control of is way too lucrative and both serve to divide and conquer.

Pro-life and Pro-Right, I told a man this week, when he was complaining about the health care bill paying for abortion. Isn't that what's it is always really about? WHO will get paid and how much? And, not about the woman, not about the being within her, or the man who participated in conception. He says, "How can you be both?" I said, "You can't kill a soul. My business is my business, another woman's is her business."

And, it all boils down to money, like everything else in our culture.

Determining when life begins is a mind-fuck for women, and for men, but especially the woman who is supposedly the only decision-maker. One woman will be justifying her decision to abort at 20 weeks while another, or even the same woman grieves and grieves over the loss of the baby to miscarriage. Either way, she grieves, sometimes for a lifetime. Abortion ALWAYS impacts a woman. It is not an easy answer. Regardless of the rhetoric the feminist, liberal movement has perpetuated, a woman who chooses an abortion has to come to resolution in her her body, mind, and soul about ending the life of a fetus that she conceived. As Elena articulates, some energy, some entity has to be present for a pregnancy to happen. A woman who chooses, against all odds, to have a baby and to raise it also lives with her choice. They are very different, but they are also the same in that for an unwanted pregnancy there is no easy answer. The decision, to abort or not, is a country-dividing, family-dividing fight between religion and the state, and, I am convinced, it is just a MEANS to end for the powers-that-be. Going along with the medical, man-made money-focused logic that pervades our lives doesn't help any of us get to the truth ...

And when we have equality ... true equality, between male and females, it will be when and because we value every human life everywhere on the planet. When we believe killing for war is as wrong as killing for any reason as an individual ... murdering another adult, a child, or aborting a fetus, I really believe there will be less unwanted pregnancies that become abortions and unwanted humans, because both men and women will BE more conscious of themselves and their actions.

And, then there's circumcision ... yeah, and that's the biggest assurance that men will continue to perpetuate the legacy ... especially if they involve a woman in it. A woman mutilating another woman's baby boy.

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yolande clark said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I agree with everything you have written in this post. I recently wrote a short article on abortion on my blog, but did not come close to touching on the real issue that you bring to light here: the sick patriarchal politics of money and power that the whole issue is really about. I did have a "clinical" abortion, and everything about the experience was disgusting. Clinical abortion is not "choice".

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